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1994 TNT HWA Fong Daddy

1994 TNT HWA Fong Daddy

This was a frame I was having trouble selling, and took on the task of converting into one of my dream bikes as a 14 y/o.

Project Pro XL > Hwa Fong Daddy is Nearly complete.

First I would like to thank some people who were extremely helpful throughout this project.

My Wife for dealing with my hobby

Jason Hoffman for a beautiful job on the Fabrication

Blast Lab of New Jersey LLC. for the amazing Powdercoat Job

Daniel Ryan for his wealth of information

Aaron Drake for the forks

Sussex Bike & Sport Shop for always having the things I need to finish off a build

Mark Zalewski for being the man behind TNT #Jersey

Mark Maruska for the use of the equipment at Gravity DesignWorks, Inc. for the decals, pads, numberplate.

Project Info:

What started as a 1994 Pro XL Frame that I was having issues selling for a reasonable price, became a mission to have my own example of an elusive frame set that was a bike of my dreams as a young NJ BMX rider in the 90s. After thorough research and creating the CAD drawing the frame went off to Jason Hoffman to turn my plans into reality. From there Matt Allen of Blast Labs took over for a beautiful powder coat job. Utilizing a fresh set of Delcals Hwa Fong Daddy decals, I painstakingly recreated the artwork so I could control the colors on fresh decals and of the other pieces I wanted to create which were the matching pad set (awaiting sewing to shorten for the top bar) and custom number plate (pictured separately). Bike was finished off with DK inverted Stem, Elf Blast Bars, GT Micro Adjust, TNT Clamp, TNT Revolvers w/ Odyssey Hazard Light hoops, Profile Cranks & Bottom Bracket, Tange Headset, FMF Lever, Tektro Cantilevers, and a 45/16 ratio courtesy of a TNT Retro Disk and ACS Claws freewheel, just like Grandma used to ride.

Submitted by SoloGraphix