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1979 Thruster Vanishing Point

1979 Thruster Vanishing Point

Thruster Vanishing Point with Tange fork. This bike is the perfect weaponary for a faster start and a stronger finish...check the awesome pics I took & beware of the rocket blast !


Frame: Thruster Vanishing Point Chromoly frame

Forks: Tange 

Handlebar: Race Inc.

Headset: Tange

Padset: Vinyl Snap buttons

Grips: A'me Cam

Stem: Polished Suntour power stem

Seatpost: Red fluted

Seat: Red Shot Gun

Seatclamp: Silver Suntour

Crank: Shimano 600 cranks - 41 T sprocket 

Pedals: Rat trap

Chain: Sedes

Brake:  Shimano Tourney - Scott Matthauser brakepads

Brakelever: Red Shimano pre bent lever

Rims:  Araya 7c

Hubs: Sunshine high flange

Tyres: Irc Z 20 x 2.125 & 20 x 1.75

Submitted by Spartacus

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