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Originally manufactured by "Speed Unlimited" the company lasted 1980 thru 1988 approx.
In fact, Speed Unlimited made the early Hutch frames.
The Thruster "Tri Power" Frame and Fork set, was the main product,
although Thruster made bars, cruisers and even pedals.

I, Ron Vigneri, was a partner of Sammy Miller, who's father started Speed Unlimited. Later Sammy sold majority interest to Lee Van Ormer (probably the "Lee" you mention in your writeup). Tom Daniels actually ran the company and bike production for years. I consulted there and Sammy and I were 50-50 partners in Rocket Man Inc., racing rocket cars and treating oil wells both with hydrogen peroxide, but that is another story. I also built and owned a BMX racing track for 2 years in Kinnelon NJ back in ABA days.

There has been some debate about if the extra bar actually adds any strength to the frame?
Lee, the owner was a fairly dynamic and innovative designer (came from a drag racing innovation background)and had many drawings, sketches and ideas for products. All the products were to be marketed as the Power Series. After a partnership with Hutch,  He tried but was unable to resurrect the Thruster brand (last framesets I remember were the Bi-Powers). In the end all the Thruster stuff was auctioned, much went to TNT and Lee went to a federal resort.  If you have more info, please let me know.

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