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2018 Terrible One Skapegoat

2018 Terrible One Skapegoat

Everyone should own a T1 right?  That's what I thought too, and when I saw these pop up especially in the Mustard/Olive finish it was a no brainer to build one for the park.

Build List:

Frame:              2018 Terrible One Skapegoat w/ custom Army green decals

Fork:                 Odyssey F25 stripped raw w/ custom Camo F25 decals

Stem:                Proper Acala wedge top loader

Bars:                 Terrible One Salt City

Pads:  BASE Brooklyn 4130 Camo

Grips:                ODI Tangent Locking grips

Brakes:              Odyssey Monolever Triggers / EVO II Calipers / Odyssey G3 Upper and Lower

Detangler:          Odyssey GTX

Headset:            Snafu Fontanel

Seat:                 Federal Camo Pivotal

Seatpost:           London Bykes 4130 pivotal

Cranks:              Profile 175 GDH blasted raw 

Sprocket:           Eclat bashguard

Chain:                Eastern half link

Pedals:              Odyssey Camo

Wheels:             Gsport roll cage, Clutch V2 rear hub

Tyres:                T1 Animal 2.2

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