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1998 Technique Pro XL

1998 Technique Pro XL

AT LAST! I found 1!!!!


Today was a good day.  I Finally got a Technique.  Been wanting 1 for years! this was actually my first choice of frame for my ultimate race bike build last year.  i lost 3 chances to get 1 so i went with the Powerlite Coqpit.  dont get me wrong i have no intention on taking the Powerlite apart to build this 1.  this frame needs a repolish not too bad but i know i can make it better.  the bike was complete but aside from what you see in the pics the other parts were junk.  sadly it had a walmart wheel in the rear would have been nice to have a set of technique hubs...... anyone have any technique hubs?  at least a rear 1 36h?  well my ELF DX3 will have to wait im polishing out this bad boy first.  

Official Parts List:
  • Frame: 1998 Technique Pro XL
  • Fork: Hanebrink custom or prototype?
  • Headset: Ritchey logic sealed.
  • Stem: Technique
  • Bars: Elf Blast Pro
  • Cranks: Technique w/Technique Spider Crupi Chain Wheel and GT Alloy Sprocket Bolts
  • Pedals: NOS JP rounds with ti spindles
  • Rims: Kore Speedhoops
  • Hubs: Technique
  • Spokes: Dt swiss stainless
  • Tires: Kenda tan wall
  • Seat: S&M Thin Seat
  • Post: Kore Elite
  • Grips: Animal Edwin Dela Rosa w/Lizard Skins Donuts
  • Brake Lever: Paul Love Lever 
  • Brake caliper: Paul Crosstop
  • Brake pads: scott mathauser finned
  • Cable: Shimano XTR Cable with odyssey slic cable housing
  • Chain: Shadow Conspiracy V2 Half Link Silver
  • Chain Tensioners: Crupi

                       Any tripple clamp 20" fork (THE industries Bombshell etc)
                       Technique Pedals
                       Technique or PMC Sprocket Or anything cool with a 1" bore


The Tech cranks were missing 2 pinch bolts and the spindle bolts were not the right 1s also had the wrong sprocket bolt.  just picked up some brand new correct hardware and replaced all the pinch bolts and the spindle and sprocket bolts.


ok as it turns out the stem this bike came with was a technique.  at the time i did not know this it simply looked like a hammered up pile of junk.  it almost got tossed in the scrap bin lmao.  check out the comments on this 1 to see the before and after pics of how i restored it.


seems this project is coming together faster then i expected.  no i didnt get the impossible pedals yet but ill have this a complete ridable bike soon.  it will still be under construction tho i just didnt want to leave it in the corner unbuilt waiting for 1 or 2 key parts.


ok this is the fastest i ever put together a project of this caliber.  i guess thats due to me having most of the parts already before i even bought the frame.  i simply rounded up stuff in the garage a thought would be cool on this.only new parts i bought after starting this project was the tires disk brake kit minus the caliper, cable lizard skin stuff chain crank and pedal bearings.  total investment including new parts and stuff i already had was about $575 give or take a few bucks.  and yes i intend to ride this 1 so no lip on how high my headset spacer stack is ok lol.  this was a fun but short project feel free to comment on it or even fav it =)


I did alot of rethinking on this 1 and just didnt like this fork on this build. and i felt the tires looked too new school style.  so i tried an answer scythe which looked bad ass but i think i found a winner with this redline flight fork.  unless i can get an actual hanebrink in equal or better shape then this 1 ill stay with this 1.  also think i did good changing the fit FAF tan walls with the maxxis holy rollers.  im going to change out the banged up tioga lever for a new paul love lever soon.  1 day id like to get revcore or gt big man pedals.


Ok did alot to this since i last updated. forks  lever brakes tires rims hubs pedals tensioners.  check out the updated pics last 2 are what it used to look like.


never thought id be able to improve it but i replaced the all black hanebrink fork with a much nicer 2 tone 1.  

  • Race
  • Company: Technique
  • Model: Pro XL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 21.5
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"