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2003 Supercross NoMoreA 24

2003 Supercross NoMoreA 24

Special project retro

This is the 4th one I've owned but haven't managed to completely build one up yet. They are made by supercross to be a tribute bike to the Nomura's of the 80's. These are probably the best of the retro frames made by SX as most of the other frames had flaws in the craftsmanship (see the FMF project for the worst of them). The only flaws I've read about with these is the chainstays where they are welded up to the BB are not even but about 1/8 - 1/4" off. The other thing is the BB shells on some are "loose" fitting with standard bearings. The other retro projects had canti-mounts not even or too low, BB too low to the ground, & the welding on the last FMF's looked like someone made them in beginners welding 101 class - and failed!

This one I powdered in gold metallic with high gloss clear. I also did the landing gear forks to match & used the nomorea decals that were made along with some forks decals I had made. It has since been sold.

Submitted by GFR Industries