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2011 Sunday Funday

2011 Sunday Funday

Rare funday! With the elusive safety orange gsports!

This is a 2011 Sunday funday! 41 thermal frame! 100% all aftermarket parts. NOT the pro complete model, but the bike that inspired them. Mods are as follows:

Safety orange Sunday funday
Odyssey director fork
Odyssey double space bars
Odyssey elementary v3 safety orange 
Odyssey keyboard grips
Odyssey small lever
Odyssey evo 2 brake
Odyssey orange cable hanger
Odyssey jcpc pedals
Odyssey convertible seat post
Odyssey convertible seat guts
Odyssey pro headset
Odyssey mr. clampy seat clamp
Odyssey mint/orange tearaway seat
Chase hawk sprocket
Odyssey thunderbolt cranks
Odyssey keyboard tires 2.1/2.35
Gsport rims and gsport ratchet hubs laced with black nipples and orange spokes! 
Stolen brand thermolite pegs

Submitted by spsracer

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