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2017 Subrosa PiRL-20II

2017 Subrosa PiRL-20II

It's 1985 all over again, As I'm reading through my favorite BMX magazine I find myself staring at the yellow Redline RL Osborn is doing a Nourie Stand on.  I always wanted that bike and after owning a handful of 85 - 88 RL-20II's as an adult, I still never had the yellow 85.  What to do?  How about build a brand new one?  Taking it a step further, how about a tribute to the RAD bike?  Well here it is and I'm stoked to have finally made this happen.  It also rides like a proper new school bike should.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Build List:

Frame:              2017 Subrosa Trillicus modified by PiR to have the iconic wrap-around top tube design as well as welded gyro tabs and dual cable 

                         guides/stops.  Chrome and powder services supplied by Chip Bowers @ C4 along with the repop Redline decals.

Fork:                 Odyssey F25 with repop Redline fork decals

Stem:                Tribute Stem powdered Tuf Neck purple by C4

Bars:                 Custom Franklifter bars made by Malo @ PiR and powdered by C4

Plate:                Repop FL plate, custom decal made by K Chez

Grips:                ODI Tangent Locking grips

Brakes:              Dia Compe Tech 77 levers / EVO II Calipers / Snafu lower Cable / Colony Dual Upper Cable

Detangler:          Shadow Sano

Headset:            Snafu Fontanel

Seat:                  Repop Kashimax Aero

Seatpost:           Custom made by Malo @ PiR

Cranks:              Redline double pinch flights

Sprocket:           Pegasus bubble font 28t

Chain:                Eastern half link

Pedals:              Snafu Anorexic

Wheels:             Odyssey Aerospace

Tyres:                Odyssey Path 1.85 tanwall


Submitted by jriedmiller

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Subrosa
  • Model: Trillicus DTT
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details AWESOME!! thanks for listing it!! GAry