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Studd (1985–1987)

Due to the use of Studs & a Slotted Chainring instead of Chainring Bolts.  The story behind their Factor 1 Frame is cool. Bill Green was watching a Military Miniseries where a Drill Sergeant says he is going to find out the Studfactor of the Platoon. That stuck out to him, & voila. 

Studd was the last team Tim Judge rode for and the first team John Purse rode for.  It was started by Bill Green, who ran The Place For Wheels, a bike shop in Miami that had the NBL national #1 bike shop team 3 times in the 80's, with financial backing from a woman named Lisa Thomas, who had a son and daughter that were both top 30 NAG riders.  Bill Green himself was a multiple National #1 plate winner in the old man's cruiser class.  

Aside from the sprocket, they also made adjustable reach stems and framesets.  Cyclecraft fabricated the framesets.  They were one of the first to make long top tube pro frames for the big boys.  They also made aluminum and Ti frames for the little guys.  The aluminum frames had reliability issues unfortunately, and the company was started right at the beginning of the dark ages of BMX and didn't survive.

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