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2014 Star Doublecross 24

2014 Star Doublecross 24


I love this bike!

A big shout out to super member 2009HDSG for the chance

to score this gorgeous translucent candy red beauty!

Under the red, the aluminum frame is burnished not polished, giving it a super cool random glow.


got it together with

Doublecross Bicycles

and made a short run of these work-of-art frames.

It is super stiff with the double chain stays, and the downtube is a slinky aero shaped mother.

See here:

The SKYWAY TA forks were a natural choice for this build - both for the chrome, and the slinky aero shaped legs!

The theme kinda turned into a "double-it and let's see" deal.
You can check the photos for twice the details where they appear.

The ARAYA (UK Araya... I know there's a kerfuffle as to the use of the name... but what do I care?)
aero shaped hoops were a natural with the slinky aero shape and the star-shaped perforations,

and red rim strips deeply entrenched.

Hubs are KORE Hoochie disc rear, chain tugs are KORE Pistoles.

Cranks are a real nice: 34R Orto, the spider is JW.
I love the detail photo where you can read the cnc engraved "USA" logo on the spider through the recess in the crank arm.


chainring is a beauty, and rounds out the drive mechanism.

Bars are HUTCH, stem is another STAR PRODUCT.

Seat is a slammed DA BOMB Booster.

Brakes... yes - both of them & the levers, are SHIMANO.

Yes, it has double brakes... note the 2 levers, the 2 cables.

Grips are CRANK BROS slinky aero shaped mothers.

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