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1994 Standard Shorty

1994 Standard Shorty

frame is a 1994 Standard Bykes threaded  Shorty the bike sold new as candy red over chrome. some one be for me striped it  of the red.

the forks are 1994 Standard Bykes  

head set is a ODYSSEY


Gyro cover Hammer

Stem  S&M REDNECK anodized black for  threaded forks

bars HB love handels over sized  painted metallic  black fading to metallic  silver

brake levers Tech 99 1" over sized

grips 1" over sized Odyssey

bar ends primo plastic mod to fit HB bars

cranks 175 MM Primo power bite.

sprocket over sized Grave yard 45 tooth

pedals Primo meat tenders

chain over sized  KMC 1/2 X 3/16 big as a racing Kart or dirt bike chain

freewheel over sized ACS super claws  16 tooth

seat post clamp Primo dubble bolt

seat Primo micro ajust

seat Powerlite GT preformer copy

wheels ZACX winnman  alloy polished 48 hole with Savo hubs.

Tires new Odyssey frequency G

pegs  Standard Bykes tight thread

i rebuilt this used bike to be my new rider. every mid school part I could find over sized I bought. so its stronger than me LOL!


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