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1995 Standard 125R

1995 Standard 125R

Nice chrome matching frame/fork/bars kit from the second year standard built race stuff.

here's is a new vid of this bike. 3-21-2009. I brought it out for it's spring cleaning plus added silver VG spur chain tensioners and VG silver axle nuts!



Got this from ebay. The person had pix up on the auction of it built up with race parts no newer than around 97 or 98. I was surprised to see a few small grind scratches under the right side frame and fork drops and big peg size circle scratch on rear drop once I recieved it! Also the bars were cut way down to 24 3/8" !!! This bike will recieve a proper treatment from me with an era correct rebuild of parts and professional repair to the bars. I have a silver & chrome JP/Araya Super7x wheelset and VG seatguts for this so far.

Submitted by sandmslayer