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1997 Standard Lengthy

1997 Standard Lengthy

Mt dream bike growing up

This bike has been a round for a little bit, but it came up for sale earlier this year and decided to take it on. I wanted to make this bike as era correct as I possibly could, so I went through and built this thing to about 95% era correct, with the exception being the linear kevlar lined Slic cables, nips and innertubes. I had always wanted a lengthy bitd, because there were two locals that were co sponsored by the SBC with frame and forks so I always wanted one.  This was a really fun build, but as I grew up riding street and trails I really didn't know a lick about how Flatland bikes were setup, until I got into this build.

I was super humbled to win Best Standard at the Midwest BMX Fest this year, even with some other really nice bikes being there... including a 1" Pink Shorty that was freakin awesome.

Parts run down

* 1997 Standard Lengthy frame with peg boss forks and 990 plate
* FSA Pig headset with a Odyssey XL gyro
* Longneck Grips
* Standard Toploader
* Haro Kneesaver II's cut down to 25" (Because who honestly didn't cut down their bars)
* Primo Pervert (With the Super D mod) on the topend with a very early Brake Bastard on the bottom end
* Japan stamped NOS Tech77 levers with 93 dated 990's in the front and the rear
* Odyssey 180mm Excalibur 1pc with Odyssey bottom bracket
* 44t Graveyard sprocket (Thanks Cru Jones 2)
* 1/2" Peregrine pedals
* KMC chain
* Primo clamp, DK Post with Powerlite seat
* S&W .45 valve caps
* NOS 20x1.75" Primo  V Monsters (the only size they didn't repop so you know they're legit)
* Peregrine Super Pro Rims with tangerine nips and SS spokes
* Suzue sealed front hub and a Techno Nankai Freecoaster in the rear
*Hoffman Day Smith pegs on all 4 corners

Big thanks to:
* Nick Z for doing a lot of work on this bike previous to me getting it and giving me the oppurtunity of finishing it 
* Ross "Cru Jones2" for the hookup on the Graveyard which was a piece I was convinced Id never find 
* Marc for hooking me up with the levers
* The guy in Indianapolis that sold me a 94 Master with the wheelset, brakes and Brake Bastard adaptor, for next to nothing 
* Super D Darin for listening to me bitch about trying to get this done, as well as my consultant for era correctness.

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