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1996 Standard Shorty

1996 Standard Shorty

Very rare shorty 1 of only 10 shorties ever made with translucent red over chrome finish as verified by Rick at Standard

After running wanted postings on the museum and networking for what seems like forever I finally found my grail shorty. This is my February built 1996 Standard Shorty 1 of only 10 shorties ever built with the translucent red over chrome finish which is absolutely beautiful !!! I purchased this bike as a complete untouched survivor. The wheels weren`t up to my standards so they were replaced by a nos set of perigrine Super Pros with Standard freecoaster hub and the 1st gen plastic Primo Steroid seat was replaced for a nos 1st gen Primo Steroid seat I had also. There are no restored parts on this bike every part is an original finish part just the way I like it. This is a very smooth and solid and pleasing bike to ride and a important part of mid school flatland history. Enjoy.....

Parts List :

Frame -  February built 1996 Standard shorty frame

Fork - Standard

Seatpost - Standard 1"

Bars - Peregrine 2nd gen Q bars

Wheels - NOS Peregrine Super Pro W/ Standard freecoaster hub

Tires - ACS RL Edge

Seat - NOS 1st gen Primo Steroid plastic  

Pegs - 1996 Hoffman Day Smith

Stem - TNT freestyle

Seat clamp - NOS PMC

Brake levers - Dia Compe Tech 77

Front brake - ACS Boa big bolt

Rear brake - Dia Compe AD 990

Cranks - 1pc chrome moly

Sprocket - Odyssey Z915 40t

Pedals - Primo Tenderizer

Odyssey - 1st gen gyro

Cable splitter - Primo

Submitted by suicidepan

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