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2003 Standard 125R

2003 Standard 125R

2010 Season BMX Racing Machine - Also Check out its Street Twin!!

After deciding that my 250-l was too short, I wanted to get something longer, about that same time I was starting to race BMX again at the local track that had just opened, so I set out to build two bikes, that "felt" identical but were set up for completely different styles of riding, the first, would be a dedicated race bike, with all the race bike goodies, A brakes, Cassette wheels, Number Plate, etc. with a nice clean look that would attract sponsorship, I also wanted the color scheme to follow a format that enabled longevity aside from my ever changing liking in color, so I wanted the frame to be one color, and the rest of the components to be Silver, Chrome or Polished, so next season, I can disassemble it, clean it, powder the frame a different color, and put it all back together and everything still look good... this is what I came up with.


Frame : 2003 Standard 125R, 21" TT, Standard Geometry, Ran with Back End Slammed
Fork: Odyssey Race
Headset: Cane Creek S3 Sealed
Stem: Generic (will be Profile Acoustic Polished when I can afford it)
Handlebar: Fly Mike Day, 8.25x27" (cut 1/2" on each side)
Grips: Odyssey Team Grips (will be ODI Longneck when I can afford it)
Bar Ends: Odyssey
Brake Levers: Tektro (will be Shimano Deore in Polished Silver when I can afford it)
Brake Cables: Animal (needs replaced  when I can afford it)
Brakes: Tektro (will be Shimano Deore in Polished Silver when I can afford it)
Hubs: Profile Cassette

Spokes: Answer Ti

Nipples: Red Silver and Black (will be silver when I rebuild the wheels with Chrome Runaways)
Rims: Rhyno Lites (will be chrome Alienation Runaways when I can afford it)

Tires: Tioga Power block Type S
Tubes: Hold Air
Seat post: Alloy Silver (cut and slammed)
Seat post Clamp: federal (will be something Silver when I can afford it)
Seat: S&M Seat (custom Covered with Ohio State T, had to rep since I’m so far away in Hawaii)
Crank: Profile 175mm

Bottom Bracket: Profile Euro

Spindle: Profile Ti, with Ti Bitchin Bolts
Sprocket: Profile Spider, Assortment of Chain rings
Pedals: Primo Tenderizers (will be silver Tenderizers when I can afford it)
Chain: Silver
Chain Tensioners: Bulletproof (am going to strip them to silver when I stop wasting all my time not riding on the internet)


Still have some plans for it so there will be a lot changing, but its complete for now so I decided to post it... it will get finished throughout the year and I will probably take it down and repost it early 2011 with it completely finished, right now im trying to make a few other projects rideable.

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