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Ssquared Bicycles (2011–2013)

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Ssquared Bicycles, LLC Is located in Palm Harbor, Florida 
Active officers include John Sawyer & Blake A. Sawyer

With over 10 years put into studying, testing & researching frames, while watching the demands of BMX evolve, Ssquared Bicycles has come up with the winning BMX frame design, the CEO. 

Offered to you in 13 different sizes, Micro, Mini, Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Junior Cruiser, Expert Cruiser, Pro Cruiser, Pro XL Cruiser Pro XXL Cruiser. Frames are available at better bike stores or you can contact us directly.

On it's maiden flight at the Disney cup A Pro Josh Meyers did nothing less then fly to the front, pick up the A Pro win & was heard saying. This is the best bike I have ever ridden.

Racers who ride the CEO are all riders on the Ssquared/Answer/TLD Factory team. Josh Meyers Elite men, Ashley Lynch Elite women, Howard "Hojo" Johnson 27 Expert, Blake Sawyer 18 Expert, Maliek Byndloss 16 Expert, " Bad to the Bone" Lexa Jones 13 Girls, Mazin Shehayeb 12 Expert, Bailey Brannen 10 Girls, David "DJ" Foster 9 Expert and Jaslin " little pit bull" Jones 6 Girls.  Along with the help of test pilots Ryan Birk Vet Pro, Rusty Dial Vet Pro, Jon Jon Rapp A Pro, Darin Houston 42 Expert and Justin Posey 18 Expert.

You might not feel as fast or stylish as any of these guys but you can now get the same great equipment to at least make you get a lot closer to the front.

The CEO from Ssquared Bicycles

We are not reinventing the bicycle just making it better.  A lot better!