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2003 Specialized Hemi MX

2003 Specialized Hemi MX

Red and black version of the chromoly monocoque frame

SOLD - 12/16

Picked this bike up off CL with every intention of doing a full stripped down restoration. Bad pics, missing tires and soft goods, it looked rough from a distance. 

After getting it home, I realized things weren't so bad, and given the decals would have been a challenge even before I knew they were under the clearcoat, I decided to keep the frame/fork/bars all original. I have the original seat, but like every other one I ever see, the thing is shot.

Brakes, lever, seat, tires, pedals and grips are new. Hubs are the brownish unmarked Specialized, rims are Sun Rhyno Lites that had a couple of dings I straightened out a bit. New ISIS bottom bracket, and she rides like a dream. Smooth, smooth, smooth.

The Kendas are cheap, but anything named Hemi deserves some raised letter rubber. I love them.