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1999 Specialized Fatboy Hemi Team

1999 Specialized Fatboy Hemi Team

Team issue Sold as Complete Only.

This is a 1999 Fatboy Team Hemi. This Particular bike lived a rough life. This Bike Was Originally sold as a Complete only. When i got it in 2011 it was Previously owned by a Teenager who had No clue what this was.

 Someone had Added a Kickstand and replaced most of the good parts with Older Haro Parts. I got it on my way home threw Missouri at a yard-sale.
Only thing Original to the bike when i got a hold of it was The Fork/headset and stem. My guess is that the people i got it from had gotten the frame with the small stuff still attached and they found a cheap Haro and swapped everything over. It had been sitting on there patio for at-least a year the mother had told me.

In the Photo you see I took time and cleaned it up,as best as i could. I sold it in early 2012 because i wanted a cleaner stockier example. I still have not found one clean enough to my liking,But then again i am OCD. 

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