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1999 Specialized Fatgirl

1999 Specialized Fatgirl

Decals wanted

In 1999 I walked in to my local bike shop and saw the ugliest bike I had ever seen.  I remember looking at it on the show room floor and feeling bad for whoever had to ride that bike.  It was a specialized fat girl.  

24 years later, all I could think about is having this ugly work of art. This completes my collection of fat boys and girls.🤓

The only problem I have now is finding parts for it. Specifically the original decals as I want to restore it.  The problem I’m having is whenever I ask in a group if anyone has fat girl parts for sale, the admins of the groups delete my post.  True stories 
So far I have restored the sprocket, Cranks and handlebars. Installed new grips and brake cable. Regreased both wheel hubs, bottom bracket and headset. It’s ready to ride as is.  I am planning on replacing the spokes.  
I’ll be on the lookout for a better conditioned seat and new decals.