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2002 Solid Bikes Killing Machine

2002 Solid Bikes Killing Machine

My 2nd Solid...I can't help but love everything this company does.

I wanted to build a short, strong, killer little street bike that I could thrash around on everyday.  I spoke with Aaron Huff over at Solid Bikes who hooked me up something wicked and got me going with this whole thing.  The bike came out looking and riding in a way I had not expected it to at all, but I'm so psyched about it.  The OD of the forks in comparsison to the OD on the top and down tube of the frame bothers the hell out of me when I look at it....but Im usually riding it and not staring at it hahaha.  Here's a parts list:



FRAME: 2002 (guessing on this) Solid Killing Machine.  19.5" TT and 14" CS.  Gloss Black, seat stay 990 mounts, American BB shell, standard 1 1/8" headtube, 14mm axle slots.  6.1 pounds 


FORK: Macneil Blazer, black, 14mm axle slots.


STEM: S&M Redneck XLT, green camo finish.


HEADSET: Solid Bikes, black, 1 1/8" needle bearing assembly.


BARS: Fit Sky High, green, gigantic, 8.25 rise, 1.5" cut off each side.


GRIPS: Animal Edwin Delarosa, black.


BAR ENDS: Fly Bikes, annodized orange, 3 set screw caps.


LEVER: Odyssey Monolever, trigger, bright orange, added a bend.


CABLE: Odyssey Slic, kelly green.


CABLE HANGER: Knight, black.


BRAKES: Revenge, green annodized. 


SEAT: Shadow Crow, green stitching on black.


POST: Shadow Umbra, alloy, green annodized


CLAMP: S&M single bolt, orange annodized.


CRANKS: Solid BITCH cranks, 175mm, custom made in LSD, Titanium spindle.


BOTTOM BRACKET: Primo, 22mm, American.


CHAINWEEL: Solid Reel, green anno, 28t.


PEDALS: Animal Hamilton plastic, translucent green.


CHAIN: Mechanic Hollowtrac.  Half link, hollow pin, hollow link, chrome.


RIMS: Odyssey Midway.   Black front, Chrome rear. 


HUBS: Macneil. 14mm sealed bearing.  Orange anno front, black cassette rear, LSD (w. 10t).


NIPPLES:  Green annodized. 


TIRES: Maxxis M-Tread.  2.1 front ad 1.85 rear. 


PEGS: Shadow Little Ones, green.


OTHER: Orange hollow stem bolt hardware by 41, orange barrel adjuster for cable on frame, yellow Macneil velcro cable holder, purple Demolition chain tensioner.



This bike is awesome, so psyched on it.  Check out Solid!!  They've been making so many of the best products in bmx for years now.




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