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2001 Solid Killing Machine

2001 Solid Killing Machine

baaaad ass.

earlier killing machine frame. original paint and stickers, some paint burned off by the previous owner to remove a stuck post, i'm not going to mess with anything. lightning bolt gussets. year, as always, is a guess.

standard forks
solid roseanne bars (custom jobbie according to the seller) pretty freakin cool.
solid stem
solid headset
tech 77 lever
odyssey evolver brake
odyssey hazard front wheel
big fat ornate tire up front
alex rear rim, unknown hub
holy roller in the rear
primo seat
possibly a rod post, not sure
primo double clamp
primo powerbite cranks
stuck s&m pedals
solid sprocket
some sort of weird kmc chain
may be my favorite bike. we've been riding the hell out of it.

Submitted by lg1