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2011 Solid AA v2

2011 Solid AA v2

Very custom Pro rider frame..has been on a porch in hawaii for a couple years..

used to beong to Ryan Worcester.
Solid Frame, stem, bars, cranks and more...

Solid Has had one of the most bad ass teams in the industry.They have helped countless riders through the years,Their team or better know as the "Family" is Aaron Huff,Robert Jensen,Brent “Keyholder” Everitt,Shad Johnson,Joey Garcia,Kurtis Elwell,Eric Walter,Andy Merrall,Adam Sanchez,Mike Krnaich,Ryan Worcester,Sequoyah Faulk,Kevin "cap" Malia,Matt Martin,Nick Hammer,Charlie Bugenig,Zac Costa,Aussie Mike,Jason “Dorito” Perz,Dave Thom,Jake Honesto,Greg Nicholson,Ian Munro,Cameron Birdwell,Nick Black,Dustin Mata,John Ivers,Tanner Easterla,Tristan Adams and others receivehelp as well.Bmx Legends Nate Hanson and Kevin Porter were once on the team.

Got this message.. The biggest giveaway is the logo cut into the stay bridges. The V1 bridges were plain. The year? Come on! US BB and micro dropouts in 2001. Solid were ahead of the curve in many years but they certainly weren't time travellers! Haha! 

Submitted by GAry

  • All-Around
  • Company: Solid Bikes
  • Model: AA v2
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"