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1985 Skyway Street Styler

1985 Skyway Street Styler

A build for my daughter

I acquired the f/f/bars from a member here a couple years ago in fairly rough shape and when I built it I decided I'd do a pink build for my daughter. I did it in Ford Baskin and Robbins pink, a color she really likes, the white and chrome were my idea. Lol. Even though it's an '85 I went with the '86 decals because I'm a huge Metallica fan and the writing on the 86 is similar to the Metallica style. There's a few new parts on it, the grips, wheels and seat, but the rest are either survivor or nos. Parts list: Skyway frame/fork/bars; stem: SR MS 422; headset: Tioga bear trap 2; grips: A'me; brakes: Dia compe MX 901 (r), FS 880 (f), 128 levers, 86 dated cables, cable clamp, Vans Kool stop brake shoes; drivetrain: Fu pao crank, Tioga chainring, spider, crank bolts; Pedals: Hutch; chain: Izumi; Seat/post: Viscount Dominator, unmarked fluted post; Seat clamp: Dia compe; wheels/tires: Skyway Tuffs, Panaracer Freestyle tires, pink/white dice valve caps. I hope you like it as much as my daughter and I do.

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