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1988 Skyway 280TA

1988 Skyway 280TA

Skyways full race bike, released with spoked wheels not Skyway mags.

In 1988, Skyway introduced 2 complete BMX Race bikes. The 280TA and the 300TA. Both of these models featured spoked wheels, and not Skyway mags.  The 280TA had caliper brakes and the 300TA had AD990's.

Parts List:

Frame:  Skyway 280 TA

Forks:  Landing Gear Replica (will eventually find some Skyway forks for it)

Headset:  Tange

Stem:  DK

Bars:  Rickman Reynolds 531

Grips:  Ame Tri (new ones)

Seat:  Uni Turbo

Seat Clamp:  Tioga

Brake Lever:  Dia-Compe Tech 5

Brake Caliper:  Dia-Compe Bulldog

Rims:  Sumo 7X

Hubs:  Suzue Low Flange

Tyres:  Cheng Shin Comp III

Cranks:  Tioga One Piece

Pedals:  MKS Beartrap

Chain:  KMC

Chainring:  Skyway Turbo disc

Padset:  Skyway

Valve Caps:  Skyway

Submitted by stidds

  • Race
  • Company: Skyway
  • Model: 280TA
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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