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1985 Skyway Street Beat

1985 Skyway Street Beat

1985 Skyway Street Beat - The Purple People Eater

This is a 1985 1st Generation Skyway Street Beat that has the TA Dropout Forks.  The Bars are Skyway EZ Pro Bars.  The F/F & Bars were obtained from Museum member Streetbeaster. The Paint and stickers are all original to the F/F and Bars.  They were in Great Condition for their age so I just built the bike up.    I decided to go with a White and Purple Accented color scheme.  If you notice on some of the pictures of the Bike I used purple grip tape on the Top Tube and frame platform.  I was doing research on the Street Beat and saw on Maurice Meyer's page that he used Grip Tape on his Street Beat BITD and on his '85 Orange Street Beat Restoration Bike.  Very cool looking so I decided to use it.  This Street Beat bike is Super light.

I know I committed a Sin so Father please forgive me for using an Odyssey Gyro on a Skyway Freestyle Bike which should have a Spinmaster.

I hope everyone Enjoys this Bike.

Submitted by yumi

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Skyway
  • Model: Street Beat
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1. Frame and Fork - 1985 Skyway Street Beat 1st Gen. frame with TA Drop out Forks. 2. Handlebars- Skyway EZ Pro Bars 3. Wheels- Skyway Tuff II's w/Freewheel and matching Colored Tuff Pads. 4. Tires- Kenda Contact 20X1.95 5. Stem- Chrome SR Stamped '85 Stem with Potts Mod 6. Brakes- Silver Odyssey 1999 brakes w/1999 Brake Levers 7. Detangler- Odyssey Gyro w/Special Edition Odyssey Purple upper and lower Gyro Cables 8. Seat- Viscount Dominator 9. Seat Clamp- Chrome Peregrine Style Seat Clamp 10. Seat Post- Generic Layback 11. Grips- Purple AME Round 12. Cranks- SR 175 One Piece 13. Pedals- Purple KKT 14. Chainwheel- Tuff Neck Style Purple Adonized 43T

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