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1988 Skyway Street Styler

1988 Skyway Street Styler

Found in my friend's basement.

-New Year's Day, Taichung, Taiwan, 2013.

I was over to check out a friend's newly rented house. After the tour of the first floor, we went into the basement, where I zoomed in on the "SKYWAY' logo of a bike standing on end in a corner closet. I tripped, but on closer inspection I was minorly bummed to find it didn't have "TUFFS", but mad crazy stoked none the less!!! My friend was like"Chill, it's yours!!! The landlord said it was expensive and that I could have it if I wanted it".

Frame, forks, handle bars, seat, seat post, and brake calipers are original. I removed the rust with oxalic acid, and with the exception of the wheels (cost more to ship than buy them!) and the not really "gum wall" tires which were ordered from the internet, the other parts came from a couple of local shops that still have random old stuff for sale. Took about a month.

Don't know what year it is...I guessed!
It's my first build and I'm happy with it!!!
I sometimes roll with the fixed gear kids that have no idea what it is! HA!

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