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1983 Skyway T/A

1983 Skyway T/A

I am the original owner of This 2-83 serial# 0000174 Skyway TA and custom built this bike in 1983 with my sole purpose of building the most indestructible and lightweight bike possible. I had every BMX Frame and Fork you could think back in the early 80's and this was by far the strongest made! I broke, bent, and tweak every make & model out there along with alot of parts! Did all this thru trail & error and finished up with This frame and fork which is absolutely bulletproof! I built this bike toward the end of my BMX career so, it did not really see a lot of hard use. Some parts were replaced in the early 80's with stronger parts but have most of the Nos Original that came with the bike when I bought New.

Original parts:

1) MCS stem – This stem was the best I could find and will never allow your bars to move, comes with California Lite pad cover

2) ACS Zrims – Skyway Tuff wheels are way too heavy and ACS just introduced their line of wheels at the time that would hold up to punishment vs. conventional alloys, which I could destroy in 20 mins.This bike has the ACS Nylon in front and their graphite version in the back for stiffness. Btw I have the Original Skyway Tuff wheels that came with it when I bought New

3) Suzue sealed hubs – Wonderful smooth rolling chrome plated hubs

4) Chromoly, double butted spokes – Again the strongest and thickest spokes you could buy

5) MKS Graphite pedals – Very tough pedals that are comfortable to ride

6) Takagi one piece cranks (175mm).These heat treated cranks were the best on the planet and their one piece design was much stronger than three piece cranks,which I have also seen broken over and over

7) Proneck 44 tooth front chain ring – One piece for absolutely strength and weight

8) Tange headset and bottom bracket – The best at that time (see attached pictures)

9) Gorilla headset lock – To keep the headset from loosening up

10) Bullseye bottom bracket cover- To keep dirt out, which works very well

11) Elite lightweight seat –This seat does the job when relaxing with your friends.Comes with California Lite padded seat cover (not shown)

12) Diacompe MX seat post clamp – Nice alloy blue finish

         13) I have the Original DiaCompe MX rear brakes with the original Skyway Pads

         14) I have the Original Powerlite handlebars with the AME Black Mini Grips

Submitted by lxconv331

  • Race
  • Company: Skyway
  • Model: T/A
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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