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1984 Skyway T/A

1984 Skyway T/A

I bought the frame from Ted in the US. The TA has been one of my dream bikes from back in the day, so its been a very exciting build.

I got the frame with original chrome which was looking quite faded, without any stickers and a couple of dings here and there, so it is not a show bike. I usually can't afford this kind of bike, and thought the show bike builders might give this one a miss.  I gave it a try and I think I was lucky to win with a lowish bid. Due to my stable being consisting of mostly chrome bikes, I thought this would make a great white project. It is still a work in progress, so I'll update the pics when completed. 

A huge thanks to Gary for the Skyway mags. I think his restoration work on Tuff mags as well as Z rims is a work of art and well worth the money. Thanks to Brian for the CW Premium bars. These bars set up the whole vision in my head for the build. I simply had to find the matching seatpost. Thanks to Maria (Floridamar) for the Kashi seat. Her shipping costs to SA have been very reasonable and has made it possible for me to get a lot of cool goodies. And a huge thanks to Vince for the prototype Black Widow Odyssey cranks. I wanted something unique on the bike and I am really happy at how they look. He told me the whole story about Dwight Tardy riding with them, which I found to be quite fascinating. And a very special thanks to Chris Fey, who helped me with the powdercoating and most of the hard work with this build. I'm nervous with stickers, so I rely on his careful hands. Thanks bru.

Submitted by kuwasakid

  • Race
  • Company: Skyway
  • Model: T/A
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details • CW Premium Pro bars • Hatta headset • Suntour headlock • Akisu aero fork • Dia Compe MX4 levers and 901 caliper • Skyway labelled stem • OGK Cobra grips • Odyssey prototype Black Widow cranks • DC seat clamp • Kashimax Aero seat • CW Premium laid back seatpost • Skyway Tuff mags • Cheng Shin front tire • Tioga Comp III rear tire