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Sinister Bikes (2006–2008)

We are a rider owned company. This does not qualify us as experts in bicycle design or manufacturing but thirty years of bike building experience does. Our staff is made up of highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to our company, customers and product.
Manufacturing bicycles in America has never been more rewarding or more difficult. Our love of bicycles and making bicycles is what drives us. While more riders seek purity and progression, fewer of us are getting anything more than a few seconds of appreciation. Sometimes only a computer generated receipt. Do you find yourselves seduced by promises of "rider owned dedication" or "advanced computer engineering" while receiving only shit in a box. We handcraft our bikes in the USA and are damn proud of it!
We offer a frame built to last for discerning customers who recognize the advantages of products that will provide many years of service. We reserve the right to take the time needed to produce the best possible product. We pay our staff an hourly rate thirty three times as much as the typical overseas manufacturing employee earns in the same job position. We do not torture or physically punish our employees and they are free to worship in the manner of which they choose. Only a handful of bike companies can make that statement. Treading on the fine line referred to as "state of the art" is challenging. Simply claiming to do so is easy. We stay ahead of the curve by making minor changes to our products constantly. We take pride in serving our customers to the best of our ability. We reserve the right to take the time needed to produce the best possible product and feel strongly that this is the correct policy for Sinister bikes.

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