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2003 Sick Child Badda Bling

2003 Sick Child Badda Bling

Bought & Built from Flatland Legends

Bought this off of Ed when he decided to re-engineer his frame design. Connected with FANO at TipPlus who hooked up all the parts list still needed after getting the whole Bizhouse line available at the time from Shawn White at BizHouse Bikes. One of the most solid bike I've ever built with the help of the legends listed above. Proud to have been a part of BizHouse for close to a decade and building this bike was a tribute to all the hard work Ed and Shawn put into their rider owned companies.

Bars - BizHouse
Bar Ends - Bizhouse Star (first batch set) 
Stem - BizHouse
Grips - Bizhouse Gym Grips
Lever - Odyssey Modulever
Brakes - Dia Compe 990s
Frame - Sick Child Bada Bling
Forks - WethePeople
Cranks - Bizhouse
Bottom Bracket - BizHouse 
Chain Ring - BizHouse Bottle Opener
Pedals - Primo
Seat - Primo
Seat Post - Thompson
Seat Post Clamp - Bizhouse,
Front Hub - Primo Stock Hub
Back Hub - Nankai Freecoaster Left Hand Drive
Rims - Sun Rims Rhyno Lite
Pegs - T1
Tires - Primo Comets

Mad props to Shawn White for all his design work to up the game in flatland and Ed for stepping out on a limb to build a frame that not only he likes but in my mind was one of the best designs for flatland in that era. 

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