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2006 Shadow Conspiracy Invisible:Man 24

2006 Shadow Conspiracy Invisible:Man 24


Note: before it was stolen, these wheels were switched out to the 24" General Lee in 'my bikes' and the wheels from that bike were swapped onto this one.

Frame: Shadow Conspiracy Invisible:Man 24", 100% 4130 Sanko tubing. s/n 174 of 300.

Fork: 100% 4130 (for 3/8" axle)

Bars: Haro 'biker' bars, 8" rise

Grips: Primo V-grips, my fave. 

Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 77's

Stem: Shadow top-load

Headset: Yup.

Bottom Bracket: Euro Sealed Redline, came with the crank.

Cranks: Double-pinch Redline Flights

Pedals: SE plastic (from an OM Flyer I think? Saw them in a bike shop for cheap $) 

Sprocket: Dirt Bros. 30t

Chain: KMC, red.

Hubs: Haro loose-ball for now (have a set of sealed Sun Jabba the Hub 48s, need to find good hoops.) Right now I'm using the freewheel that came off the Nyquist, a 17t I think, so it's a little light! The New hubs are flip-flop though, so I can run a 13t.

Rims: Alex 48s. Whatever came on a Nyquist 24" (will get replaced when I find a set of good 48h hoops. Good enough for now!) 

Brakes: Bicycle Union (r) Dia-Tech Hombre and brake plate (f)

Seat: Shadow pivotal

Seat Post: S&M Long Johnson.

Seat Clamp: something I had lying around.

Tires: Odyssey Path