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1977 Sears MX

1977 Sears MX

Muscle Bike Meets Motorcycle Meets the NFL- What more could a 10 year old want!


I picked this bike up as part of a lot of bikes last week. Jimmy from the local thrift store hoards bikes and then sells them to me cheap when they are beyond his limited ability to fix them. This circa 1977 (the Bendix coaster arm says 1976 so I am guessing it is a 76 or 77) matches the ones from the catalog. I got it nearly free because it was a basket case. Stripped it, OA bath for all the chrome, rebuilt the hubs, BB, headset, etc. and now it is ready to jump over snake canyon.


The Sears MX Steelers Bike with the Steelers banana seat, Steelers chain guard, original rear slick tire and BMX front tire, double to tube frame, “MX style” forks and bars- minus the crossbar- and all original surviving equipment.

Nothing beat getting the Sears Wish book Catalog back in the 70's. It contained all things desirable to a little kid. When Sears marketed the Official NFL MX Bike it was the ultimate combination of cool- part muscle bike, part motorcycle, and all the hype of your favorite football team. What more could a ten year old boy ask for!

I am pretty sure most of these bike didn't survive because they were branded for “motocross track action” but had a sticker on the seat tube that said, "Not intended for Motocross use." Huh? Kids in my town used these bikes to launch over cinder block and rickety board jumps trying to pretend they were Evel Knievel. Good times!

SOLD to the the Bicycle Museum here in pittsburgh- Bicycle Heaven- and presently on Display. 

If anyone is in Pittsburgh, it Biccyle Heaven is a "Must See."

They have some amazing BMX, MTB, Road, and Antique bike. 

Submitted by Jayrev67

  • All-Around
  • Company: Sears
  • Model: MX
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"