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1964 Sears Spaceliner 26

1964 Sears Spaceliner 26

Quad-Top 29er!

The Original SEars Quad **SOLD**

First let me give a fist bump to Expert Museum Member ReddyZ06 for being the first to post a raced Spaceliner; and thereby making a permanent home for these Old School Muthas.  Second, let me give another fist bump to Museum Addict and Pro Member RyanPartridge for his 26" Cal Custom Cruiser and Strandies...ONLY! thread.  His thread and every post therein served as the inspiration for this build.  So hats off to ReddyZ06 and RyanPartridge, this builds for you!!!

As for the history, I snagged this '64 Sears Spaceliner frame from the oldest bike shop in my hometown.  It's been around since 1920 and recently moved locations a few months ago from one downtown location to another.  During the relocation, I just happened to stop by looking for some spare BMX parts when I spotted the frame tucked behind a heap boxes on a top shelf.  I made a bee-line for it to get a better look and immediately fell in love with this vintage collectable.  The owner forgot it had been up there for the last 40+ years and practically gave it to me.  

It did not take long for me to know what I was going to do with this frame and I slowly started acquiring the parts I wanted to build a retro BMX cruiser.
The first thing I did was check the serial number to ID the manufacture date.  With some help, I learned it is a '64 Higgins model.  The only things the frame came with were the seat clamp and cups.  

I outfitted the Spaceliner with Shimano XT cruiser wheel set with CST Cheyenne 26X2.10 tires.  I also added the SE Landing Gear forks I acquired in a trade with an ACS Crossfire headset.  I had an X-Games stem and bought the Lee-Chi BMX Bullmoose bars with the frame.  The chainwheel is Sugino and cranks Sugino Super Maxy that I've had.  The seat is left over from a parted out Diamondback Formula One, the seat post Schwinn and the pedals 1st gen Suntour XCI I had been saving for a special build.  Lastly, I was able to snag original decals for the chain guard off of ebay to complete the build and am waiting on some NOS White/Black Super Star grips.

Most of all though, I love the quad top tube and seat stays; the down tube S-curve rocks; and rear drop outs are FREAKIN' RAD!!! 


Submitted by TEXMEXBMX