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1968 Sears Spyder

1968 Sears Spyder

Modified Sears Spyder

My one-and-only 20" wheel bike as a kid. New-to-me in 1974 with original banana seat, fenders, high-rise bars, block pedals.  Originally a bright solid red. Only the frame and chainguard remain of the original equipment.   SR stem and alloy bars.  My old man welded gussets between the top and bottom tubes, as well as at the seatstays, and cut and capped the two narrow upper tubes near the seatstay, which resulted in the bike looking more like a fastback.  He let me drill holes in the gussets, chainguard, and sprocket to "save weight"...ha! Two-tone red and black spraycan paint job.  The bike also has Tange forks, fluted alloy seatpost, Skyway mags and old moto tires.  I got the Tom Ritchey stickers and shimano pedals from Gary Fisher himself in his  tiny bike shop in San Anselmo in 1981(?).  I parked it for good around 1982 but my dad stored it for the next 30 years.  He gave it back to me recently; after a bit of light lube my 7 yo was rampaging on it around the neighborhood…

Submitted by cbaldassari

  • All-Around
  • Company: Sears
  • Model: Spyder
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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