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Free Agent (1984–2023)

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VDC sent me this:  I started Free Agent and had Yvonne as a partner to run the company. She started making the frames/forks in her garage when I sold VDC not Free Agent.

Free Agent was first started by Voris Dixon. Somewhere around '83 to '84 he sold it. 

Brent Shoup was a top Orange YMCA local in So. California. He rode for VDC.

It was his family (The Shoups)  that bought Free Agent. That's the connection to VDC,
Mrs. Carter (Eric's Mom)  was basically the team manager. Eric rode for them.

Though the started out as a garage company in Buena Park, CA. The Shoup's sold alot of frames.
During the early 90's all the Old School BMX companies took a hit and many went under, or changed owners.

Sometime in the early to mid 90's the Free Agent brand name was sold to KHS.

KHS has done a pretty good job of maintaining the integrity of the brand and they produce a full line of BMX bikes and accessories.