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L&S (1989–2017)

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From Carlo himself: L&S stands for Lucia & son products. That is my business name when I first started making motorcycles around 1968-1986. Everyone started saying that is Boss, so that is when I made up the Boss emblem, my original design. Then I went into BMX, thought I could make more money with BMX because more kids ride bicycles. I started them in 1980 when I was still building motorcycles. Boss isn't Boss without L&S because L&S created Boss. So many people are using my Boss emblem and the Boss name and trying to pass it off as mine. That is why now I put L&S on my Boss stickers and they will also be on my pads and jerseys ect. It is trademarked #1 Bossman so nobody else can copy them. So, if you want the original from Carlo Lucia, remember that, or you can buy a knock off. That is up to you. I am just getting tired of people trying to make money off the Boss name and emblem that I created. So, that is why L&S is on the Boss, so nobody else can copy it or use it.

as of Aug 2016, Carlo is STILL MAKING FRAMES!!! you can order DIRECT!