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FMF (1976–2008)


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Flying Machine Factory, Fast Mo fo's, etc...
Been making motorcycle stuff for a long time.

Why FMF dosent do BMX anymore has of 2008:

The Kemco Group out of So-Cal had a license agreement with FMF to make and sell FMF BMX items. When the 5 years was up, FMF decided not to re-new the contract. FMF strictly wants to be know as a motorcycle company again.

Race INC. & FMF started together in 1976. FMF announced it would not continue its BMX division for 1977 & Scot started SE Racing in 1977. FMF Frames may have been made in the beginning of 1977 but it was just one model year. Most frames had no brake bridge but some of the late frames did. Otherwise the frames are all the same & there is no difference. FMF frames were just one model year.