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Diamond Back(1977–2016)

Recently found this info on Diamondbak UK website:

 In the late 1970's and early 80's Sandy Finkelman of Wheels n' Things was taken on to led the Diamondback BMX race team and product development division.

Under his leadership 'Scary' Harry Leary and Eddy King won many of the top US BMX races in the 1980s and helped develop new models that had unique features like the Turbo dropout and Diamond gusset.

With the success of the race team Diamondback took to the screen with the release of BMX Bandits in 1983 which featured one of the characters riding a Diamondback Senior Pro bike.

Also, 1983 saw the introduction of the Viper model, a name that has been in the Diamondback BMX line up for over three decades.

Today Diamondback has a renewed focus on dirt and street BMX styles with riders from the UK, Europe and USA competing in major events such as the X Games and Dew Tour.

 WSI, an importer in So. Cal was accidently sent a few Raleigh Bicycles. They were told they could keep them if they removed the labels. This sparked an interest in importing bikes and Diamond Back was started. DB stands for "Dirt Bike". So many greats..Harry Leary, Eddy King, and more..

The Turbo bike, Silver Streak and more.!. 

Diamond Back reference charting the History between 1977 to 1986, including detailed model information & a supporting forum

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We have recently been discussing the 2 naming conventions: 

1977 to 1993 "Diamond Back"
1994 to Now "Diamondback"

Diamondback Bicycles was founded as a BMX brand in 1977 by Western States Imports in Newbury Park, California, which sold bikes under the Centurion (bicycle) brand.[6][7] Early in its history, the brand name was "Diamond Back" and over time this changed to "DiamondBack" and then to "Diamondback...