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DG or Dirt Gear

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DG BMX were made from 1976 thru 1981. DG stands for Dan Hangsleven & Gary Harlow.

DG Racing was originally a motorcycle parts company only.

Gary's son Kevin was both in MX and BMX so DG also got into BMX in 1975. In 1976 they hired Chuck Robinson (later of Robinson Racing) to run the team. He picked up some of the biggest names in BMX at the time including Jeff Bottema and Stu Thomsen. A year later he left to run the LRV team. Steve Skibel whos son Steve Skibel Jr. rode for DG, then took over as Team Manager.

DG moved around and was one of the fastest growing BMX companies. Eventually though they sold the company to the Green Duck Corporation.

It appears that in 1981 DG Racing produced its last BMX bikes.

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