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CW Racing (1980–2013)

CW Racing or sometimes Coast Wheels

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Roger Worsham - Coast Wheels Bike Shop

CW has been resurrected..a run was done of modern frames, top quality.

From the NEW website:

CW Racing has a long and proud heritage spanning four decades. It has re-emerged out of the love and passion for old school BMX. From it's humble beginnings in the early days of bicycle motocross in 1970s Southern California, to the golden age of the world wide BMX craze in the 1980s, CW Racing has transcended time to resurface once again into the 21st century. This time, we're here to stay.

Known the world over for it's innovative and unique designs and winning performance, the spirit of classic CW Racing remains alive. It's a new world but some things don't change. CW Racing . . . bringing you the best of what was then and what is now.