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FBM thread

Unfortunately, as of January 1st 2020, we have closed the machine shop and FBM will no longer manufacture bikes.

FBM originally stood for Fat Bald Men. Back in the day, early 90's I believe, they use to come to the NBL races on the east coast and sell t-shirts and those foam rubber can warmers. These guys were from New York and they were part of the small goup of hardcore riders from the East Coast that use to make their own products to cover the cost of getting to the races. Guys like BASE Brooklyn, ECD, there were some guys form South Park, a bunch of hardcore NBL riders that all made shirts, hats or whatever and sold them at the races.

fbm bmx head badge

Like everyone else, they hope to make things bigger one day. Then in the mid 90's they came out with thier first BMX frame. DK helped them distribute them, and the rest is history. Little by little FBM came out with more products, more designs, and then got their own machine shop so they could make their own stuff.

Today FBM Bike Co. is big, They make their own frames in house, and they have nice variety of sprockets, stems, clothing and all kinds of BMX parts. I even have a 24" FBM now, and they even make Go Crandall go.

They Also have a FBM User group now too.