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Schwinn (1966–2023)

Schwinn has always had a strong BMX presence.

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Beach Cruiser 26

With Classic models like the Scrambler, this company has done a lot for BMX. The later high end racers like The Sting are very collectible these days. The Sting was the first production BMX frame I know of to have brazed welds. Schwinn has continued to support some great riders as well. I recall Donny Atherton way back, Jay Miron for awhile, and many other greats. WOW, I just found an archive of ALL the Schwinn bikes, check this link:

If you are curious what year your schwinn is, this is the place to look!

Also found this great archive of MTB's & Schwinn's:

Schwinn Serial Number Guide



Schwinn Pro Stock

Schwinn Pro Stock