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TFS Design Lab (2012–2020)

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TFS (24 SE7EN) Design Lab:

Is committed to providing you with the best BMX products period !

We approach every project with a focus on innovation, functionality, reliability and structural engineering. TFS Design Lab is setting itself up as a leader in the industry with an eye on quality and thinking outside the box.


For over 20 years, TFS Design Lab(First as TZP products) has been designing unique products. Frames, project six components, training programs, T- shirts, kwick snap starting gates, each of are designs are handled with integrity and as if it’s our only project.


TFS Designs lab helped some members of the original 2008 USA BMX Olympic team reach their ultimate goal. We continue to help the next crop of BMX Olympians and world champion. Leaving nothing unturned in the pursuit of making the best product and delivering training programs with the latest sports knowledge and tools available.

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