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Dan Gurney (1975–1976)

Dan Gurney, an early pioneer in bike frames

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Dan Gurney BMX bikes were produced by a company called All American BMX. the company was only in business for about a year and a half. from 1975 into 1976. I say this because all of the Gurneys you have listed are shown as '78 or '79. All american BMX was already out of business by then. Mike Devitt of SE fame was one of the people behind the scenes at Gurney. Scot Breithaupt also of SE fame was a factory rider for Gurney and worked for the company. 

All Gurney models were called Eagles, there were three basic models
The Dan Gurney Monoshock Eagle.  (there were 3 generations of this frame)
The Dan Gurney Hardtail Eagle
( two in the museum a standard, which is painted and a deluxe which is nickel plated.)
The Dan Gurney Hardtail double loop Eagle
The frame with the double downtube and the bash gaurd is a production frame