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1997 SE Racing P.K. Ripper XL

1997 SE Racing P.K. Ripper XL

Been collecting parts to build this bike for three years. Backstory is that right after I started dating my wife about 4 years ago, She found a complete PK Ripper for sale on Champaign/Urbana IL Craigslist. She drove the 1.5 hours and bought the bike for $100 from a girl as a surprise for me. Girl said she had bought the bike for her X boyfriend and he left it behind when she gave him the boot. Said she had called him numerous times to come get it and he never did so she sold it to my wife for $100. ALL the parts were wayyyy wrong. Some real oldschool and alot of newschool mix. Frame and fork had no decals. I stripped the bike of every part and sold it all here and ebay and was gonna use those funds to rebuild it but my wife's son needed money for something so I used the money to buy one of his handguns. Still my Every day carry choice. Anyway, I put NOS decals on the frame and fork and put it in the bike room. Everytime I came across a part I wanted, I bought it while building alot of other bikes.

Frame and fork are 95-99 XL. There is no difference in the 95-99 frames other than 98-99 used SE Racing downtube decals. With no decals present, who knows. I built it as a 95-97 SE ad bike from the magazines, as SE sold them as completes.

PK Ripper polished XL frame 1 1/8" headtube
Landing gear fork
Chris King sealed headset
DK XL stem
SE 8' Powerwing bars
Knucklebone grips
Tektro Lever
Tektro brake
SE Velo seat
SE seat post
Profile 180MM cranks and 44t sprocket
Profile sealed BB
Wellgo pedals
KMC chain
Alex rims
Formula hubs
Kenda 20x2.125 and 1.75 Comp 3 tires
SE pads

Everything is OG finish and the decals are SE NOS decals.

Submitted by BRIAN HAYS

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