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2015 SE Racing Quadangle Freestyle 24

2015 SE Racing Quadangle Freestyle 24

2015 SE Racing Quadangle Freestyle 24

I always loved the Quadangle, but never rode one back in the 80’s.  I recently re-built my 2 main original 20” BMXers from the 80s (Redline 500a and Schwinn Predator Freeform Z), and a 26” motoStingray inspired Schwinn cruiser.  Those are great rides, but the 20 inchers feel way small for me to ride in earnest given my age and now larger girth.  And the cruiser is just that; good for cruising and mild carving and hopping.  So I thought a 24” BMXer would be cool to build and fun to ride.  Soon after that thought, Planet BMX put their 2015 Quadangle frame and forks on sale for $199.  I could not resist.  It was a sign.  I had to have one.  

I was not digging the original version of the 2015 Quadangle form SEs Retro Series with white accessories and yellow pads on the aqua.  I was never a huge fan of white, but thought it would be rad to build it with my preferred black and chrome trim. So, I started from scratch with just the frame and fork (including the detangler brackets and bottom bracket set).

I bought the original wheelset for that bike (also on sale from the part out).  The blue hubs and spoke nips give it some color pop, and for the price you can’t beat the double wall with sealed hubs, including the original 10t sprocket.

I liked elements from the 2016 white framed version of the same bike, including the black decals.  I could find black Landing Gear decals all over, and considered fashioning my own Standing Gear stickers starting with those.  It was tough finding Standing Gear, but Essemdesigns busted them out in no time at a reasonable price (incl. shipping across the pond) and I found the chrome backed head badge and black 4130 sticker on BMX Museum and Ebay.

Luckily, Planet BMX had a set of the 4-piece chrome bars laying around from the 2016 which I prefer over the racier style painted ones from the 2015.  These remind me of Redline Forklifters that I always wanted as a kid, so am stoked to have that look on this bike.  Planet also had a stem with “SE” logo instead of the wing originally on this bike, so was psyched to grab them to further differentiate it a bit from stock.

I always liked Redline Flight cranks, too, so these were an easy choice (though I did consider the original SEs or even Profiles).  I got lucky again to get the ones with the old school Redline graphics from the Mike Buff PK Ripper, instead of the newer Redline decal that comes on the flights normally.  The Neptune Helm sprocket, with its 4 spokes and machined lines is reminiscent of the old school Redline sprocket.  I dig the look and quality of the RL Monster sealed pedals; silver to show scratches less (considered black plastic, but I prefer the feel of alloy pedals).  RL 14mm chain tensioners round out the Redline accessories.

I also stuck with a retro theme for the Brakes with Dia-compe 990 U brakes and Tech 77 Levers.  I found (not easily) black base with polished ends (again, best for hiding scratches on the ends).  Had some trouble with clearance for the rears; the pad bolts rubbed the frame, so had to fashion spacers which was not easy, but I made it work. Got fancy with Black Ops braided housing detangler and matching (kind of) braided housing for the front brakes.

I dig the Shadow Conspiracy interlock chains.  Could not fit one correctly on my 26” Schwinn cruiser build, so I used it on this build.  The black and silver interlock looks tough and ties the color scheme together nicely.

For the seat setup, I needed some comfort as I will be riding this bike some distances.  A fluted black and silver SE post would probably look coolest, but I chose this Diamond Back suspended post to hopefully save my butt and back a little.  The SE seat I found is padded, but not much.  I have a newer one from a Big Ripper (perfect with black and silver SE wing logo on the back) that I will probably swap out, but I like the look and feel of the one for now.  The quick release clamp that matches the color scheme and even the machining on the stem, is good for mid ride adjustments, and quick changes if a session breaks out during a longer ride.

When telling my BMX buddies about this build, so many have asked if I am going to powder it a different color, suggesting that there may be something drastically offensive with the Aqua.  But I like the retro Aqua!  With the new black and chrome parts and decals it looks tough enough while keeping the retro theme and fits in nicely with our Florida sun and surf backdrop!  I’ll keep it as is, thanks!

Parts List:

Frame: 2015 SE Quadangle Freestyle 24" Retro

Top Tube, Actual 21.75"

Seat Tube, Center To Top 12"

Seat Tube Angle 71°

Head Tube Angle 74.5°

Chainstay 15.4"

Wheelbase 39.2"

Bottom Bracket Height 13.8°

Seat Post Diameter 25.4mm

Stand Over Height 25.2"

Suggested Rider Size 5'3"+

Fork: SE Standing Gear 24"

Graphics: Black SE Standing Gear (Essemdesigns), Head Badge, Seat Post

Handlebars: SE Cruiser 4 piece freestyle (2016)

Stem: SE Retro, "SE" Logo

Grips: Ame Round

Cranks: Redline  Flight, 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180mm, 19mm shaft

Sprocket: Neptue Helm 25t

Sprocket Adaptor: S&M Sprocket Spacer - 24mm to 19mm adapter

Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 half-link 89 Link

Pedals: Redline Monster Sealed Alloy

Rear Brakes: Dia-comp FS 990 U-brake

Front Brakes: Dia-comp FS 990 U-brake

Brake Levers: Dia-comp Tech 77

Brake cable, front: OEM Jagwire Braided Cable Kit

U Brake Hanger: Shadow Conspiracy Sano

Brake Pads: Dia-comp 990

Brake Cable Detangler: Black Ops Rotor Blade

Rotor Cable Bracket: SE 

Tires: Odyssey Aitken 24*2.15”

Tubes: SE 24" heavy duty

Valve Caps: Trik tops 8 Ball

Wheels: SE 24", Double-wall Rims, SE Alloy Semi-Sealed Hubs, 36H Stainless Spokes, Front 3/8" Front Axle, 14 mm Rear Axle

Freewheel:  SE 10t Cassette

Chain Tensioner: Redline 14mm

Seat: SE Racing - SE logo

Seat Post: Diamond Back Suspension

Seat Clamp: Sunlite 1-1/8” Quick Release

Bottom Bracket: SE Sealed Bearing American BB

Headset: Promax P1-2 Sealed, 1-1/8” Threadless

Headset Spacer: SE Retro

Submitted by 12Pack

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: SE Racing
  • Model: Quadangle Freestyle 24
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: 74.5
  • Seattube angle: 71
  • Toptube length: 21.75
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"
  • Details 2015 SE Racing Quadangle Freestyle 24 - Custom

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