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1980 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

1980 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

Reynolds tubing, my tribute to "OM"

Got this 8mths ago from very good friend [W2 in 45CR] who had nice collection and needed cash so am blessed to get it in original condition [frame/fork/bars/wheels/] see first pix for how i received it without BB and headset [cranks from 82 PK] then Scott OM passed so decided to celebrate his BMX life - after all this bike was named after him, was my entry into 2016 calendar but wrong parts arrived [my fault] so missed deadline

Parts list - 

Frame/fork - SE Reynolds tubing rechromed

Bars           - old school Yamaha motocross rechromed

Stem          - Redline Brute refurbished

Headset      - Tange vintage

Cranks/spider/sprocket - Sugino 

Pedals         - Suntour XCII refurbished

Rims          - Araya Vintage

Hubs          - Suzue Vintage

Seat          - NOS Elina Super pro 1978

Clamp       - Vintage MX hinge 

Grips         - Anniversary Oakley B1B

Brakes      - DiaCompe MX890 survivor

Cable        - NOS DiaCompe 1984

Shoes        - NOS Scott Mathauser

Lever        - NOS DiaCompe 1983

Tyres        - MAXXIS DTH 26 x 2.3 skinwall The Reynolds piercing BB and also TT but couldnt get enough lighting for decent shot into headtube, back from the chromers Frame and fork - 2.4kgs - not bad for 1980 26er Love how the frame stands by itself without any help for a 26er
Landing Gear - bologna cut? Apologies to the purists for new school tyres but i built this to ride parks and old school races smoothly and 2.3 wide gives comfort