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1984 SE Racing Hauler

1984 SE Racing Hauler

Short lived Signature Bike- first true all chrome frame from SE with same geometry as Pk

Tricked out TOBY HENDERSON HAULER,with upgraded parts from Stock Bike- Owned a OG Chrome Hauler,and bummed I Sold it.Had this one fall in my lap on trade. Had extra parts,and built it like we would have BITD. Wanted white accents,with rare White lightning bolt Velo seat,Annodized Black XCII with white cages,white TerryCables, and Repop Ames. Tioga laided back post,Max-Flo cranks and Disc. New SE plate with Autographed TOBY Henderson Decal...

Had fun with build- Thanks for looking...

Submitted by kopwithit