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1985 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1985 SE Racing P.K. Ripper

1985 Straight Chainstay PK in OG Glory


Fellow members & distinguished guests

I would like to take this opportunity to unveil my latest completed build

This frameset came to me in its original state with very few signs of being built,

Definetely not ridden, there are some minor scratches and paint chips but overall

you will not find a better specimen.

I tried to make it as era correct as i could without being too anal

I also wanted to use parts that still have their original finishes

Here is the parts list:

1985 PK Ripper with straight chainstays

OG paint & Decals (only manufactured for 1 year)

Landing Gear forks with vertical SE stamping & OG paint

(i changed the decals too the drip variety to match the frame decals)

SE Padset (85 onwards) 


SE powerwing bars with knurling for brake levers ( circa 85 onwards)

Original Chrome & Decal

ACS Z Rims in Rare Grey colour (stamped 1985)

Laced to ACS hubs

Tioga Comp 3 Tyres (rainbow labels) not era correct 

Tuff Neck Ace stem (circa 85)

Tange 125 Alloy Headset with Locking Nut & SST Dirt Skirt

Dia Compe 901 Caliper (stamped 85)

with DC tech 4 Lever also (stamped 85)

Terry Cable ( unknown date??)

Skyway Style Pro Pads with Cooling finns

Haro Race plate Circuit Board ( circa 85)

Oakley B1-B grips (2010 re-issues)

UNI turbo seat/post combo (circa 85)

Redline 401 Flight Crank arms (full wrap/single pinch OG Chrome)

with Tuff Neck PowerDisc & Sugino Chainwheel

Redline Techmatic BB

Original IZUMI chain in white/silver

Shimano DX pedals (these did come out originally in white)

But i had these painted sometime ago

I'm pretty happy with the end results,

I especially like how the grey parts match

Zrims, grip sleeves, plate insert, decals and

even the end caps on the pedals are grey :happy_mini:

The only parts i would add to this would be a UNI seat cover in Grey & Black

or maybe just Black & White

and maybe Grey Skyway Pro Brake Pads

I hope you appreciate this one fellow bike lovers and stay tuned for my

other 85 SE build i have on the go....

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