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1980 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

1980 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

1980 SE OM Flyer

My good friend Chris (bamf227)  hooked me up on this one! This bike came from Alabama from a cool guy named Wayne. He told me the story of how he received the bike back in 1980. Wayne's good friend Steve Mcdonald from Jacksonville Florida called him up and asked if he wanted to join him in Indinapolis for the races. On the way there, Steve told Wayne they needed to stop and pick up a bike that a local bike shop in Jacksonvill was sending out for Steve to race. Steve made it all the way to the finals but lost that race with this bike. On their way home, Steve told Wayne he could keep the Flyer. Wayne has had it ever since. Unfortunatly he left it outside in the weather and it got beat! When I got it I decided to re finish it but to keep it as close to OG as possible. As you can see from the before pic, it needed a restro! My good friend Jaime (olskoolbmxican) did an awesome job with the paint! He took the time to tape off the OG decals on the seat tube and shot clear over them to make them pop again. I can't explain how beautiful the paint looks! My homeboy Matt (Fulthrotle73) hooked me up with the bars and grips, and Charlie Brown did an amazing job with polishing the original 180 Super Maxy cranks! I think this came out great. Hope you guys think the same.


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